Thanks to a generous donation from FDM Development and other local companies, the Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation (RPSF) is proud to offer the Sierra Maldonado Memorial Scholarship.

In 2019, $22,500 will be awarded in scholarships. Two scholarships will be for $5,000 and five scholarships will be for $2,500. These scholarships will be awarded to students who are planning to attend a technical school, trade school or community college. The scholarships are aimed at supporting those pursuing fields ranging from but not limited to dental assistant, medical assistant, re-irrigation technician, auto mechanic, automated drafting, welding, hospitality management, culinary, and heavy equipment operator.


  1. Must be an enrolled Ridgefield Public Schools high school senior

  2. Planning to enroll in technical school in the fall of your graduating year or the following year.

Application and Funding:

  1. Each applicant must complete the application form to receive a grant.

  2. Scholarships will be paid directly to the technical school of choice.

Scholarship Requirements:

  1. Completed application

  2. Use the scholarship proceeds only for the intended use.

  3. Proof of enrollment in an RSD school

  4. Most recent transcript.

  5. Proof of financial need-copy of FAFSA application (when applicable).

  6. Interview with Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation board member(s) and FDM Development.  

  7. Letter of recommendation by someone whom you have interacted with and knows you well in your school career (e.g., teacher, counselor, principal).

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About Sierra

The Sierra Maldonado Memorial Scholarship is in memory of our daughter who loved horses, dogs, cats, her sisters and family.

Sierra loved manual work whether it be cleaning stalls or building fences she loved to work. This scholarship will be awarded for technical schools or certification for everything from nurses assistant to welder, electrician, mechanical diesel and automotive etc.

I hope this scholarship helps someone start their career in the right direction and enhance their life.

the Maldonado Family


Special Thank You to Our Sponsors