Innovation in education is taking a risk to spark the curiosity of students, solve real problems and create significant, positive change. Educators with innovative ideas can generate enriching experiences that go beyond the classroom curriculum.  A dynamic idea, a new method, or an invention can foster creativity, transform thinking and encourage a growth mindset.

Do you have an innovative idea that can inspire new learning opportunities or lead to change?

The Innovation Grant sponsored by Columbia Credit Union is a new program launched by the RPSF in 2018. It was created to honor our first board president and long serving member, Paul Lewis. Grants up to $5,000 will be presented to a staff member, high school student, or school program in the Ridgefield School District. The purpose of the Innovation Grant is to fuel innovation in the classroom by incorporating new, creative, original, or out-of-the-box programs in schools and classrooms, which the school district is not able to support. Read the full press release here.


●      Each applicant must be a certificated employee, a classified employee, or a high school student enrolled in RSD.
●      Staff members may apply individually or collaboratively.
●      High school students must be sponsored by a certificated staff member.
●      Applicants must have support of their principal and assistant superintendent for the proposed project.
●      Applicants may submit only one proposal during this application cycle.
●      Applicants must provide an update in overall student progress and use of funding by January 2, 2020.
●      Applicants must attend the June 10, 2020 RPSF meeting to share the results of the project. Next Steps

We will be accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year starting Feb 6, 2019.

2018 Grant Recipients

Alan Adams: 21st Century Art - In order to create an art program that integrates traditional fine arts techniques and new and innovative approaches used today, the grant will be used to purchase iPads and digital art programs for use in art classes at Sunset Ridge. Students will be able to build digital portfolios, and take advantage of digital art curriculum such as animation, film making, coding-based art, and digital painting and comics.

Shannon Hemrick, Kent Lind and Katy Sheley: Science Tech Equipment - Ridgefield High School science teachers will purchase 13 Venier LabQuest 2 versatile data-collection devices. These devices will allow students to participate in over 100 hands-on science experiments in the classroom and in the field. The department has a history of using outside resources and local agency collaboration to create successful project-based learning experiences for Ridgefield High School students.

Jeff Brink: Spud Bot Academy - A coordinated program that will provide year-round opportunities for students to engage in STEM based robotics activities. The cornerstone of Spud Bot Academy will be a week-long robotics camp for 3rd-6th grade students hosted by the 9th-12th grade Steel Ridge Robotics team. This will be an exciting mentor-based program that builds science, engineering, and technology skills, inspires innovation, and fosters well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.


Email: info@ridgefieldpsf.org