Paul Lewis Innovation Grant

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - Ridgefield, Washington - The Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation (RPSF) announced today, the Paul Lewis Innovation Grant sponsored by Columbia Credit Union (CCU). The grant is designed to fuel innovation by funding programs that incorporate creative, original and out-of-the-box ideas for learning in Ridgefield public schools.

The grant is funded through a new partnership between RPSF and CCU. “We are very excited to unveil this new innovation-driven grant opportunity, and we could not have made this happen without the Columbia Credit Union partnership”, said RPSF President Jeff Vigue.

The RPSF Board will award two $5,000 grants to a school or school program in the Ridgefield School District that will use the funding to provide opportunities aligned with the school district’s “Pursuing Premier Goals and Planning Blueprint” to benefit a large number of students sustainably in subsequent years. Applicants can look for the opportunity to apply in January 2018, and grants will be awarded in April 2018.

Columbia CU’s President and CEO, Steve Kenny, affirms saying, “We applaud the district’s vision that includes a planning blueprint and goals to create a premier school ecosystem, right here in Clark County.” Colleen Boccia, CCU’s chief marketing officer, adds, “Our students are our future. We’re excited to be a partner in inspiring our Ridgefield educators to innovate and imagine new possibilities.”

The Paul Lewis Innovation Grant sponsored by Columbia Credit Union has been created in honor of the work and contributions of Paul Lewis, co-founder and past president of RPSF.

Paul Lewis co-founded the RPSF in 2009 and served as its president until 2017. His expertise in developing business partnerships, fundraising, recruiting, and management provided the foundation with a strong start.  Under his leadership, RPSF raised approximately $188,000 in support of student learning in Ridgefield schools.  To his credit, the foundation is now in its ninth year as a successful non-profit organization.

When asked about this new grant honoring Paul Lewis’ dedication to Ridgefield students, Superintendent Dr. Nathan McCann said, “We are grateful for the continued support of the Foundation and the partnership with Columbia Credit Union.  This is a terrific way to honor the outstanding leadership provided by Paul Lewis while also encouraging innovation that positively impacts student achievement.”

The Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation is a privately funded, non-profit organization, established in 2009. Our mission is to advance programs and activities that support whole student development for which public resources are insufficient or unavailable.