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3 Ridgefield teachers earn innovation grants worth $5,000 each
The Columbian, July 11, 2018, 5:57 AM

Ridgefield — Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation and Columbia Credit Union announced that three teachers earned Paul Lewis Innovation Grants, with each teacher receiving $5,000.


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School Foundation Announces $15,000 Innovation Grant Recipients

Wednesday June 13, 2018 - Ridgefield, Washington - In partnership with Columbia Credit Union (CCU), the Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation (RPSF) announces three teachers each awarded approximately $5000 through the Paul Lewis Innovation Grant (PLIG).

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Music scholarship created for Ridgefield students in honor of Tanner Trosko

The Reflector - Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - The Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation (RPSF) announced earlier this month that it has developed a need-based music scholarship open to students enrolled in Ridgefield School District (K-12). The scholarship is funded through a $15,000 donation made by a generous organization close to the family of Tanner Trosko.

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Ridgefield Family Resource Center Receives $5000 Grant from RPSF

Tuesday, January 18, 2018 - Ridgefield, Washington - The Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation (RPSF) announced today that it is donating $5000 to Family Resource Center after its first annual Turkey Trot exceeded fundraising expectations.


Paul Lewis Innovation Grant Presented by Columbia Credit Union

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - Ridgefield, Washington - The Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation (RPSF) announced today, the Paul Lewis Innovation Grant sponsored by Columbia Credit Union (CCU). The grant is designed to fuel innovation by funding programs that incorporate creative, original and out-of-the-box ideas for learning in Ridgefield public schools.