Est. 2009



The Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation is a  privately funded, nonprofit organization serving as a liaison between the Ridgefield community and the Ridgefield School District to support our students’ academic and social needs. The Foundation was established in 2009 by a small group of parents looking for a way to fund programs and services in our schools that are not funded from other sources. Specifically, we want to target the areas where the Ridgefield School District, PTA, PTO, and Booster Club funding not able to meet the needs of our rapidly growing District. 

Our Mission



The Ridgefield Public School Foundation advances programs and activities that support whole student development for which public resources are insufficient or unavailable.

Meet our Board



Jeff Vigue, President
Elizabeth J. Flynn, Vice President
Alan Hughes, Treasurer
Audri Bomar, Secretary
Jen Dawson, Trustee
Stephanie Goad, Trustee
Georgianna Jones, Trustee
Karen Mittelstadt, Trustee
Rachelle Simmons, Trustee
Dr. Nathan McCann, Ex-Officio Member
Kelli Paterson, Student, Ex-Officio Member