The purpose of our 2019-2020 Impact Grants is to help fund projects and initiatives related to each school’s School Improvement Plan. Grants are not intended to replace normal school budget funding or items that would be considered normal school supplies. The Foundation is committed to enhancing and enriching the education experience of all students. We seek to fund grants that support student inquiry and critical thinking and support initiatives to improve student learning.

Application and Funding

Each applicant must complete the application form to receive a grant. The application must be submitted by October 1st, 2019 to be eligible for funding. All applications will be submitted to school principals by the RPSF for review before consideration. Principals will consider if building budget would typically cover the proposal and if so, will not approve the grant going forward.

RPSF will award approximately $8,000 in grants with a maximum cap per grant application of $2,000.

Grants will be paid directly to the Ridgefield School District. Disbursement of grant proceeds will follow the District’s procurement processes.

Grant Requirements

  1. Use the grant proceeds only for the intended use.

  2. Refund any unused funds to the Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation.

  3. Identify the Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation as the funding source in any publications.

  4. Provide the Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation with a brief summary of how you used the grant to date no later than January 4th, 2020.

  5. Comply with all Ridgefield School District procurement procedures.

  6. Provide receipts or other documentation supporting expenditures to the District office.

  7. Grant application does not exceed $2,000.

Grant Application Evaluation
The Foundation uses a formal evaluation rubric to review the grant applications. To review our scoring rubric please click here.

Have Questions?
Email: info@ridgefieldpsf.org