Our Opportunities 



The Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation is proud to sponsor the following programs


Innovation Grant
We are excited to announce the Innovation Grant sponsored by Columbia Credit Union. The Innovation Grant is a new program launching in 2018. It was created to honor our first board president and long serving member Paul Lewis. The RPSF will grant two $5,000 grants to a school, or school program in the Ridgefield School District. The purpose of the Innovation Grant is to fuel innovation in the classroom by incorporating new, creative, original, or out-of-the-box programs in schools and classrooms, which the school district is not able to support.

RPSF Impact Grants
The purpose of our Impact Grants Program is to help fund projects and initiatives related to each school’s School Improvement Plan. Grants are not intended to replace normal school budget funding or items that would be considered normal school supplies. The Foundation is committed to enhancing and enriching the education experience of all students. We seek to fund grants that support student inquiry and critical thinking and support initiatives to improve student learning. Congratulations to our 2017 Grant Recipients!     

General Grants (unsolicited requests)
The RPSF wants to target the areas where the Ridgefield School District, PTA, PTO, the Ridge, and Booster Club funding are not able to meet the needs of our rapidly growing District. The Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation offers several grant opportunities to staff and students throughout the year. If your program or school has a need that does not qualify for or is outside the timeline of our established grants please complete the application for grant funding in order to make your request. Complete and submit the following application to info@ridgefieldpsf.org. The board meets once a month and reviews grant applications at each meeting.

Comments from past mini grant recipients:

This year the dictionaries have been in use daily in all English classrooms. Every morning we are all doing grammar and vocabulary practice. It would be safe to say that almost every new seventh-grader has already used the new dictionaries.
During certain concepts, I take students to the library where they complete an investigation using the [new] software. In fact, I just used the lab with the calculus students today. As the year progresses, I will be utilizing the software as often as possible.
Perhaps the best part of this whole experience, was getting to see kids who swore they hated reading change their minds. Also, my HSPE reading scores went up as well!
We used our funds to purchase a laser that we used last spring in our Physical Science light unit. We used the laser for light demonstrations including reflection showing incident and reflected angles.